Fields of expertise: Open-Source & Infosec.
Hacking, Cybersecurity.

The Cyber PR Office

An independent consulting agency, the vocation of AL’X Communication is to support your development strategy in such a way as to help your information capital bear fruit among opinion leaders, media, analysts, influencers, bloggers, forums, communities and think tanks.


Relevance + all round professional skills

For AL’X there is only one equation: Guaranteeing that your audience obtains your messages. The main factor is the approach we use to address your situation in particular, responding to the challenges of mediamorphosis.

Communication consulting

Our services

Our cyber culture and constant watchfulness mean that we are able to circulate your messages in an appropriate way, making the best use of the latest channels.

Sourcing Speakers

The keynote speakers you choose for your conferences are intrinsic to the success of your event.

Media relations

With the advent of mediamorphosis, journalism has changed; however, news audiences are constantly expanding.

Event planning

With a view to optimising your event operations, we help event organisers to coordinate and arrange press coverage.

Véronique Loquet / Twitter

The Cyber PR Office


They trust us

If our customers were here, what would they say?


AL’X is a true public relations pros; we value the team’s strong involvement and its excellent network of experts. Over seven years of collaboration, AL’X has always been proactive, coming up with new, audacious ideas in a disciplined, but friendly atmosphere!

DG Consultants
Sophie Guérin
DG Consultants/Comexposium
Assises de la sécurité à Monaco

AL’X Communication a une parfaite connaissance du métier des relations publiques, qu’elle exerce avec passion et une forte culture du résultat.

Véronik Pierodé
Nouveaux médias
Directrice communication/Figaro

Véronique and her Paris team have been with us for nearly 10 years. Her contacts are excellent, as are her organising skills. She practically embodies PR for Free and Open Source Software in France.

Maria DB
Kaj Arnö
VP community MySQL AB
VP MariaDB